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A blessed Christmas to you! 

Here's a brickfilm in which I played the priest and -- for a brief moment -- Harvey Silverstein from my one-man play,  Views of the Manger, and my buddy Mac Nelson's monologue named after the character. Hope your whole family enjoys "Emmanuel"...
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McKenzie (left) and Rachel on the
set of "Milk and Oranges."
McKenzie Harris and  Rachel Marley were my students together at the  Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp (RMCFC) in 2016, where we produced the short film " Milk and Oranges."

This January...
12.20.18 10:02 AM - Comment(s)
When I was performing in the George Fox College Players, each member of our drama troupe, was given a copy of the book Tales of the Kingdom by David and Karen Mains. It was incredibly meaningful to us at the time, especially since David and Karen spoke in our chapel at what is n...
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I was so blessed by Dr. David Andersen's talk at the Mastermedia Christmas party this year. He started by pointing out that the phrase "getting saved" is no longer in fashion. He thinks people don't like to think of themselves as needing to be saved, but he told how he wandered past some...
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With John Fornof, director of
Under Drake's Flag, in the same studio
when we recorded The Dragon and
the Raven.
While on a tour of the Pacific Northwest (Instagram and Facebook: #NWTour15) I recorded myself reviewing Under Drake's Flag, an audio movie which preceded The Dragon and ...
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In The Dragon and the Raven 
I got to perform with Stuart Pendred,
who plays William Wallace in
In Freedom's Cause.
While on a tour of the Pacific Northwest (Instagram and Facebook: #NWTour15) I recorded myself reviewing In Freedom's Cause, the audio movie which preceded The Dragon and ...
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with John Rhys-Davies
of The Lord of the Rings and
Beyond the Mask
I played Theodore the Monk, three other featured roles and numerous Danes and Saxons on Group Day in the "audio movie" The Dragon and the Raven, based on G.A. Henty's book o...
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Here are some things I've found inspirational over the years:

I included my own sermons here since I certainly got inspired while preparing them!

Hope you ...
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