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I play Mr. Alphabet in this delightful children's story, The Crown of Success, an audio drama produced by Lamplighter Theatre. 

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

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Here's a film in your language!
To my friends who visited, click here for the link to the film I mentioned that you can play in your language.
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I was able to return to  The Adventum, on Volume 4, reprising my role of Camsis, the advisor to Pharoah. You'll have to hear Volume 3 to understand why Camsis makes a return visit. 

Camsis was the husband of a character played by Melissa Disney, the voice of Ginger in As Told by Gi...
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A blessed Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Brinkman Adventures has made both volumes of their audio drama, Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims available. 

We love that they show how clearly the Pilgrims were motivated by the desire to worship the Lord according to Scriptu...
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One of G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown mysteries is being adapted into an audio drama by Saint Benedict Radio Theatre. 

I play James Welkin, and Brian Kirk, who I met on the set of The Unlikely Wise Man plays Mr. Hope.

To hear the trailer, click the button below, or if you're getting this v...
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Also, this year our church will be performing it as a readers theatre piece on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m.: 

Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene
at The Sonesta Hotel
 66 Hale Ave
White Plains, NY 10601
(A $9 cab ride from the White Plains Metro North Station)

Here's how I first got...
12.23.20 11:38 PM - Comment(s)
I had a blast playing two cab drivers, Bobby and Alfred in Jonathan Park, Series 15.  The heros, including one played by Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp alumna, Rachel Marley, jumped in Bobby's cab. They realized they were being pursued, so they jumped out and into Alfred's c...
11.24.20 02:14 AM - Comment(s)
We put together a dramatic reading of the story of Christ's Passion taken from all four Gospels. It is illustrated with works of classic artists over a music bed by John Fornof. This was conceived and performed live for the Good Friday service at Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene, April 10,...
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Joyce and I have occasionally had restless nights during this pandemic, and we know others are having the same issue. A former student of mine sent me a link to some recorded prayers over music, and I was moved... and inspired! We have friends who are musicians!

So we recorded these prayers and pu...
04.05.20 10:45 PM - Comment(s)
I'm so pleased with the final edit of "The Mountain Contest!" It's the latest episode on Airship Genesis, and I got to reprise my role as Elijah! 
For about 20 years I've been doing a short play about Elijah called "Prophet of Fear" ( In ...
06.02.19 05:55 PM - Comment(s)
With three of our alumni,
Joyce Swingle,
Gwendelynn Martindale, and
Morgan Willer.
Due to some logistics issues we were not able to get the word out in a timely manner about our early bird special to some of our potential acting camp students at the  Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp. In...
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I wrote this story up at, but here is how Mark Hamby, executive director of Lamplighter Live tells it:

If you're getting this via email click here to watch.

Join us at the Lamplighter Guild this summer!

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Crystal Van Artsdalen, Rebekah Stought,
Rachel Marley and Morgan Fairbanks
have been my students at MasterWorks
 and The Rocky Mountain Christian
Filmmakers Camp
I played several roles and served as Afghan accent coach in the audio dramas Escape from the Eagle's Nest and The Giant Killer fo...
06.03.17 06:19 PM - Comment(s)
With John Fornof, director of
Under Drake's Flag, in the same studio
when we recorded The Dragon and
the Raven.
While on a tour of the Pacific Northwest (Instagram and Facebook: #NWTour15) I recorded myself reviewing Under Drake's Flag, an audio movie which preceded The Dragon and ...
10.10.15 09:12 PM - Comment(s)
In The Dragon and the Raven 
I got to perform with Stuart Pendred,
who plays William Wallace in
In Freedom's Cause.
While on a tour of the Pacific Northwest (Instagram and Facebook: #NWTour15) I recorded myself reviewing In Freedom's Cause, the audio movie which preceded The Dragon and ...
10.08.15 10:35 PM - Comment(s)

with John Rhys-Davies
of The Lord of the Rings and
Beyond the Mask
I played Theodore the Monk, three other featured roles and numerous Danes and Saxons on Group Day in the "audio movie" The Dragon and the Raven, based on G.A. Henty's book o...
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