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The Night Before Noisy
We set things up for tomorrow's performance at l'Eglise Evangélique Baptiste Vie Nouvelle, and we were so excited by all they're doing to prepare! You can hear an interview (in French) with the visionary behind tomorrow night's performance...
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Another 100th Anniversary

... you know Eric Liddell refused to run the 100m because one of the heats would be run on a Sunday. Instead he preached in the Scots Kirk Paris, where I performed my one-man play about him 100 years later

What you may not know is that there were other races he wouldn't run because a heat woul...

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The Missing Scene

If you've watched my performance of Beyond the Chariots at the Singapore Expo it's missing one of my favorite scenes. We had to trim the play to fit a larger service, and we needed to do that again at Summer Madness in Northern Ireland at the end of June. This time I got to perform the scene separat...

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From Frankfurt

I'm posting this a bit out of order, but today, as I was making my way through Paris, I heard one of our pastors at Westchester Chapel preach on Jonah. It reminded me that I hadn't posted my report about my performance of my play about Jonah in Frankfurt on Independence Day: 

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Update from Dublin
Here's a brief summary of what happened in Northern Ireland and what's planned for tomorrow in Frankfurt...
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Before Summer Madness Begins

This annual Christian youth festival has been running since 1987. Here's our report before the Madness begins...

Here's our schedule: 

Portglenone, Northern Ireland

28 June - 2 July
29 June, 4 p.m.
Big Top
29 June, 7 p.m. 
Big Top
Excerpts from
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