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Tonight and tomorrow are the last New York City performances of Oh Gosnell: A Show About the Truth. Joyce and I saw it last night, and it was incredibly powerful. I wrote about it for " A Triumph for Life in the NYC Theatre World!" It covers the trial of Kermit Gos...
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The Matter of Life
Tracy Robinson was on Pray with Others Live today talking about her film, The Matter of Life. We’re reposting my article about Robinson’s film because exactly two weeks after the draft majority opinion of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked...
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I worked on this three years ago, in Alberta, Canada, as a performer and as acting coach. It was released today on International Women's Day.
I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and not only was it worth the wait, but it's coming out when more people are talking about the sanctity of life in the...
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Pray with Others Live: The Matter of Life
Joyce and I typically are on Pray with Others Live (now Headline Prayer Live) on the second and fifth Tuesdays of the month, but last week, Joyce was traveling to Washington DC to be an onsite intercessor during the Supreme Court hearings on Dobbs...
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On this day in 1942 my grandfather came back from the dead! 

Grandma told that story on October 29 every year, but she went to be with the Lord in 1988, and I haven't heard or told the story intentionally on this day of the year since. The tradition is being rekindled in a big way on  ww...
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This morning Joyce and I will be leading prayers on an Intercessors for America call at 12:15 pm Eastern. Call 712-775-7430. No code needed.

I’ll be praying as inspired by this video featuring Joni Eareckson Tada:

I’m just thrilled, because she’s ...
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Both of these films are now available. "The Ledger" is on Amazon, and you can watch "Mine" at

Here's my original post:

I got to perform and serve as acting coach on two projects outside Calgary, Canada, over the past two weeks.

The first p...
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I happened to be working on a couple of films in Canada when  Unplanned was released in theatres there.  Several cast and crew went to see it, and the only seats we could find together were on the front row! The day before it had sold out.

It was number one on Amazon before it was...
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There are a lot of great lines in Where Hope Lives, written by Marco Santiago (actor in " Colonel Papa Cubano"). My very favorite came after the show by Pastor Carter Conlin, who gave one of the best summations of Christmas I've heard: "Unapproachable Light (1 Timothy 6:16) wrapped Hi...
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I had a great experience playing the role of Charles, who--throughout the film--interviews the main character about his life, which is very much worth living.

Joyce and I saw It's a Life Worth Living as a part of the International Christian Film and Music Festival, which was hosted online this ye...
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I was able to hear Peter Kreeft speak at The King's College at the Empire State Building. He's a theologian, philosopher, novelist, a professor here and at Boston College, but I attended because he's also a playwright. You'll see below that he clarified that.

These are my notes from his interview wi...
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