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This morning I did this interview for Mornings on The Dove with Perry Atkinson.

Here are the links I mentioned:
Joni and Friends
Twin Rocks Friends Camp
Twin Rocks event at the Newmark Theatre in Portland
To play an extra send an ...
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Performing Big Fish Little Worm
at one of the Joni and Friends
Family Retreats.
Photo courtesy of Kristi Pelfer.
I had the privilege of performing for two  Family Retreats sponsored by  Joni and Friends  at Twin Rocks Friends Camp and Conference Center on August 11 and 18. The ca...
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This Sunday I'll be performing in the Newmark Theatre in downtown Portland, Oregon, as a part of the Twin Rocks Friends Camp event " Into the Spotlight."

I served as a camp counselor at Twin Rocks in 1988, and I'll be performing excerpts from my one-man play Big Fish Little Worm: Gideon...
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This retreat has been an amazing return to my Evangelical Quaker roots.
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I'm here at the Twin Rocks Friends Camp to portray, well, Quakers:
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I just performed Jonah at Alex Walker's church in Upland, CA. Alex, pictured here with his wife, Jacquie, and their son, Sam, was in my Jr. High cabin when I was a counselor at Twin Rocks Friends Camp while I was in college. Tonight I'll perform Beyond the Chariots:

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