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A blessed Thanksgiving to all! 

We've very grateful for all of you who have kept us in your prayers as you've been following us over the years and decades! 

Here are the Thanksgiving proclamations by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, preceded by the wisdom of Dutch Sheets: A Than...
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A blessed Thanksgiving to all! 

Eric Metaxas, who shared his testimony for our outreach in Russia during the 2014 Olympics, interviewed our friends Jenn Gotzon and Jim Chandler, about their film The Farmer and the Belle, in which I was a NYC producer and played Belle's manager. 

The f...
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A blessed Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Brinkman Adventures has made both volumes of their audio drama, Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims available. 

We love that they show how clearly the Pilgrims were motivated by the desire to worship the Lord according to Scriptu...
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Our students created this at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp this summer.

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Joyce and I performed the rolls of Ferris and Danae Chapman in this outstanding film shot in and near Calgary.

It's available at

Here's a recording of Greg Lammiman (writer/producer) and Dallas Lammiman (director) after the film screened at the 2021 International Chr...

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Performed at the Thanksgiving Eve Service at Westchester Chapel (, November 24, 2010, by Rich and Joyce Swingle.

Written by Rebecca Phillips
© Copyright 2004 by Rebecca Phillips
Made available by the Eastern Territorial Arts Ministries (TAM) Bureau
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