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I was able to perform Beyond the Chariots twice in Shanghai, and during one performance there were 100 more people than we expected. As you can see from the photo, they ran out of chairs and kids sat in front of the first row. It greatly encouraged me in terms of possibilities for the Beijing Olympi...
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We met folks in Shanghai who distribute Bibles (and other Bible study helps) printed in China to fellowships needing God's word all over China. The cost is about $1.25 for a Chinese Bible. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, please write your check to EMM and send it to EMM, 53 W...
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This was a part of a workshop I did in Shanghai, teaching participants sociodrama and enacted prayer.
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I'm posting from the fastest train on earth. In actual fact we're not touching the ground. Shanghai's Maglev, as its name suggests, levetates on powerful magnets.
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That's what they say in China to get people smiling for a photo. It means eggplant, which makes me smile even in the US. These are students of a home school consortium from USA, Malaysia, Singapore, and England. They are the Shanghai Scholars.

They're celebrating Jessica's 15th birthday. This aft...
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At one point Shanghai had a third of all the construction cranes in the world.
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