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Joyce and I shared a byline for the first time on " Let Us Worship at All 50 Capitals."

See the rest of Olympic champion Eric Liddell's Chariots of Fire story in Beyond the Chariots. Watch it o...
11.03.22 04:52 PM - Comment(s)
Here were some of my thoughts after seeing Superspreader just off of Union Square, NYC. The documentary tells the story of Sean Feucht and the rise of the Let Us Worship movement:

Feucht was called a superspreader by gathering people in the height of the ...
10.01.22 01:45 AM - Comment(s)

Here are some highlights:

Here’s footage that IFA contributing writer Keith Guinta, Joyce, and I took, including Eric Metaxas’ opening prayers, footage from t...
09.28.22 01:23 AM - Comment(s)
Joyce's article on vaccinations was one of those featured on that we covered yesterday. Also, having been raised in Oregon, I was glad to lead people in praying over articles on the recent Antifa attacks on Evangelical worshipers, including children and the triumphant pra...
08.11.21 09:35 AM - Comment(s)
Joyce continues our series at Westchester Chapel on The Church Advances, teaching from Acts 21:27 - Acts 23:11 how the Lord thwarts animosity to ensure the Gospel is preached across the world.  Drama Evangelist Rich Swingle shares a section from his one-man play The Acts.  Pictured:&...
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