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Drawn by Melissa Thomsen.
Used by permission.
This morning I got to do a dramatic reading of  Luke 2:1-21 to bring home  Pastor Randy Solomon's sermon on that passage about the shepherds of Bethlehem encountering the angels. A couple of months ago I did a photo shoot...
12.21.20 12:25 AM - Comment(s)
This morning I got to perform  Revelation 1:9-20 at Westchester Chapel.

Dr. Linda Warren taught on Revelation 1:9-20. She shares from the pain of a miscarriage they endured, and how the presence of the Lord gave her courage to speak about it. Pastor Jim Warren opens and prays over Joyce an...
08.12.18 11:45 PM - Comment(s)
Our guest preacher today at Westchester Chapel works in a region which is closed to the Gospel, so for the safety of all involved in that work we didn't record the message. It was based on Matthew 16:13-28, which I dramatized during the service. That performance is mixed with my performance of...
05.06.13 01:13 AM - Comment(s)
While rehearsing last month for A Clear Leading I had misplaced the little Bible that I use as a prop, so I searched our shelves for something that was about that size. I came across The Bible Incorporated, Into Your Life, Job And Business. Joyce had it before we married, so I'd never looked int...
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