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Who Is the Fish?
Here's our performance of "The Princess Frog" in the Alpine Village of Rosa Khutor, in the mountains above Sochi during the 2014 Olympics...
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During this service, Joyce gave a report on Luis Palau events, and I gave a report on my trip to London to record The Dragon and the RavenPastor Randy Solomon preaches on  Exodus 20:13Matthew 5:21-24 and Psalm 139:13-16Opening by  Pastor Jim Warren. ...
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Last week I was interviewed for radio and television on The Dove, and it just posted:


I talked about our work in Russia during the Winter Olympics, the MasterWorks Festival and  Alone Yet Not Alone, the film in theaters right now in which I play a land specu...
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We just received this from the folks that organized our work in Russia during the Olympics...

Engage Sochi partners and friends -
We have just finished working through all of the contact sheets for the Engage Sochi project and have been crunching the numbers. As you know, it was our goal that...
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We had an extraordinary time in Sochi during the Olympics. This article tells some of our most exciting stories: Ukrainian-American finds open doors to share at Sochi Games

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We put together photos, stories and footage from our time in Sochi for the Olympics:

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We took a team of performing artists to Sochi, Russia, during the Winter Olympics!

Watch our performance and read about why we chose the piece at

You can see more photos here.

Here's a report the organizers sent out...

Engage Sochi partners and friends -
We have just finishe...
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