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On this day in 1857 Jeremiah Lamphier held his first lunch-time prayer meeting in Lower Manhattan. Within six months there were 10,000 meeting daily to pray during their lunch hour in Manhattan and by 1859 there were about a million people across the country praying together over lunch. 

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This Sunday Joyce and I will be bringing John Wesley to life during Westchester Chapel's Zoom service. 

My friend Roger Nelson portrayed Wesley hundreds of times all over the world with the one-man play The Man from Aldersgate. It all started when Paul Moore, the pastor of The Lamb's Church o...
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Since 1991 I've been performing one-man plays in theatres, schools and churches. Since no one's been bringing me into their communities lately due to the pandemic, I felt led to start making some scenes from my plays available for churches to stream for their online services and in their s...

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