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We had a Pray Over Broadway Live prayer over the Cort Theatre on the National Day of Prayer, but we prayed over it again today, now that it's been renovated and re-named the James Earl Jones Theatre. Though Jones is known better for his role as the voice of Darth Vader, he has 21 Broadway credits. ...
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Times Square Church posted their first feature film on Christmas Eve, and it is--in a word--charming! 

The story follows Charlie, a young man with special needs, who steps out of his comfort zone to deliver a poinsettia to a customer at the store where he works (played by Patricia Mauceri, Bu...
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I've been cast in an exciting New York City production, Celebrity Confessions: Live from Broadway, which opens June 12!

We'll be baring our souls and sharing how the Lord met us in our lowest valleys.

Among the cast I have four friends involved:

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I got to work on a really fun and profound film, The Farmer the Belle, a Christmas comedy. 

Great message!

It will be available On Demand and on DVD November 17. To order your copy click here

I was a New York City assistant producer, ...
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Joyce and I play husband and wife in this intriguing romance, produced and directed by Daniel Knudsen, who I met on the set of Christmas Grace. He also directed me in Creed of Gold, The King's Messengers, and the upcoming film, Lifestone Velocity.

There's a scene in which Joyce and I a...
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