The Dramatic Work of Rich and Joyce Swingle

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This photo has all of our acting students, but two of the
filmmaking students left before this photo was taken.
Photo courtesy of Pete P.
We had what we as faculty thought was our smoothest Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp to date! This was the 12th year of Film Camp, and I've taught there ...
06.25.20 08:17 PM - Comment(s)
I was so blessed by the Christian Worldview Film Festival and Guild this year!!!

You can click through to my notes on Facebook for lectures by Phillip Telfer, Brett VarvelChad BurnsBobby Downes, Stephen Kendrick ( Making God's DecisionsGuild closebrunch), Rich ...
03.23.16 07:42 PM - Comment(s)
Joyce prayed for the persecuted church after Adrienne C. talks about what Christians are facing around the world.  Pastor Randy Solomon preaches on Luke 6:27-36, drawing from his experience as an engineer with illustrations of how we get our power for lights and hair dryers, always searching ...
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