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I was honored to play the role of Jesus in The Messenger's Box. I've portrayed the Lord many times on stage in numerous nations, but this is the first time on film. There's something very special about that.

It's now available on DVD and Digital Download.

It debuted near Detroit on October 10, a...
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Now available in Walmart.
Daniel Knudsen had left the set of Indescribable before Joyce and I got there to play Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Lehman, but the set was abuzz about his upcoming film, Creed of Gold.  I met Daniel when I performed in Christmas Grace. We had a great chat about the power of f...
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I play a quirky clerk in Christmas Grace. It's a wonderful story of forgiveness and... well, grace. I sob the whole third act every Season.

You can see it on TV throughout the Christmas Season.

It's also available in Family Christian bookstores across the nation as well as the following online sto...
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