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The review of the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action is now online:  The Ivy League Christian Observer (Summer 2011). Their report on the Congress starts on page 12: "Hands raised, bodies swayed, voices lifted in song. At the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action in Cambr...
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I was part of a panel with Tim Tsang (Moogist) and G. James Daichendt on Arts and Entertainment at the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action hosted by members at Harvard University.

Christian Union, the organization that is hosting this Congress has 260 students at Princeton University, making i...
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Some of the fall foliage on the way up here was breathtaking! I know from having lived here for a year and a half we're certified Leaf Peepers.
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Mary Dyer being led to her hanging.
Nineteenth c. artist unknown.
When I was in seminary I had a Church History class with Dr. Richard Lovelace, a student of Yale College, Westminster Seminary and Princeton Theological Seminary. He gave us a list of Church history figures, and we were to write a pap...
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