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Audiences have spoken, and the one-week run of Lifemark in 1,500 theaters in 48 states has been extended in most theaters. Check to see if it will be in your local community next week. One way or the other, be sure to see it soon! 

Here's an interview I did at Conte...
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Sheronne Lanier played Rosa Parks in Son of the South, and she had one line in Lifemark that changes the trajectory of the whole film. It's so important we can't tell you what it is, but her passion for doing films that point people to the Lord is so inspiring! See Lifemark, and then you'll re...
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Yesterday my article “ Miracles Behind Lifemark” was posted on It includes interviews I did at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in Albany, Georgia, with Justin Sterner, sharing how he was cast as the best friend of the lead in Lifemark after turning down a role that did...
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