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We had such a profoundly impacting week at the Lamplighter Guild! 

The students I was working with started with enacted prayers of actual prayer requests. Then we used sociodrama to weave those real prayers into a fictional drama. I was so proud of how we worked together to create a new work...
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It was such an incredible blessing to take part in this year's Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines! It was all based on the theme "Facing Fear with Faith," and what an appropriate theme for this year marked by so many things we could be afraid of. 

I taught voice acting and...
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This morning I got to open the service at Westchester Chapel by praying over those affected by the shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Pastor Jim Warren preaches from Ps. 119: 9-16 on "The Word Guards" as part of The Word is Marching On series.   He explains how t...
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I've been praying for years that I could teach there, and recently that prayer was answered, and it was much more fulfilling than I'd imagined! Isn't that always the way with the Lord?

I guided almost forty students as they created four separate sketches through sociodrama.

After our final rehea...
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I wrote this story up at, but here is how Mark Hamby, executive director of Lamplighter Live tells it:

If you're getting this via email click here to watch.

Join us at the Lamplighter Guild this summer!

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When I was performing in the George Fox College Players, each member of our drama troupe, was given a copy of the book Tales of the Kingdom by David and Karen Mains. It was incredibly meaningful to us at the time, especially since David and Karen spoke in our chapel at what is n...
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