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In this episode of  Treasure Seekers, Trevor the Trevor Seeker continues to explore fruit in Africa, and interviews the granddaughter of the woman who helped raise Rich Swingle's mom.

If you haven't seen Part 1, you can click here to see it first.

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In this episode of Treasure Seekers, Trevor explores the fruit of Africa. We introduce Pethahiah the Shepherdess (played by Joyce), who warns about jackals in wolves' clothing.

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Performing for Teresiah Njeri

We sponsor Teresiah Njeri through Compassion International, and the photo is of me performing my 1-man play about Jonah for her and her friends because she told us in a letter that Jonah is her favorite story from the Bible. She got tickled and was sharing her joy with one of her friends on the...

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We took about 3,000 photos on our 26 day trip to Africa, and it's taking us a while to put them all into folders so you don't have to go through them all in one sitting. Click the images below to see the folders we have created so far:

We presented in 7 chapels at ANU. Click here to watch two of ...
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We were blown away by the creativity of our Creator while we were in Africa a month ago! We saw the wonders of his love everywhere we looked, and we can be sure that Heaven will be better than the best of earth... and without sin! Wow!

The only snow we saw in Africa was
atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, the t...
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For the
25th Anniversary chapel at
Africa Nazrene Universtiy
we portrayed
Harmon and Lula Schmelzenbach,
the first
missionaries for the
Church of the Nazarene.
We just returned from Africa, where we had an amazing time! We're so grateful for the prayer covering we had, and everything went so smo...
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At least a dozen of these
monkeys live on the ANU
We've arrived in Kenya!

We'll present in six chapels at Africa Nazarene University.

On Wednesday Joyce and I will portray Harmon and Lula Schmelzenbach, who were the first missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene, which is our denominatio...
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This morning at Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene  Joyce taught on John 12:20-36.

Also,  Pastor Jim and Dr. Linda Warren lead the community in prayer over us before our  missions trip to Africa, which begins in a week!

Opening and prayer by  Melanie Solomon. Joyce men...
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