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Yesterday my article “ Miracles Behind Lifemark” was posted on It includes interviews I did at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in Albany, Georgia, with Justin Sterner, sharing how he was cast as the best friend of the lead in Lifemark after turning down a role that did...
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Pray with America's Leaders released Part 3 of my interview with the Kendrick Brothers. It's preceded by a wonderful interview with Hollywood insider, best-selling author, and attorney James Hirsen, who talks about how challenging it was for the Kendrick Brothers to get their newest movie, Lifemark...
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Joyce and I were on Pray with Others Live today, covering articles from Joyce and I covered her article " Heaven in Manhattan?" and I covered mine, " Kendrick Brothers' Church Hosts Christian Worldview Film Festival." 

Click here or the image below...
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I interviewed The Kendrick Brothers to get their reaction to the Supreme Court decision which allows Coach Kennedy to continue to pray at the 50-yard line after the football games he coaches. Here's the article on " The Powerful Backstory of Praying Coach Kennedy."...
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