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Jesus Revolution
is in its fourth week in theaters nationwide, and Intercessors for America ran my introduction to an article telling the rest of the story about his parents...

Lord, thank You that Jesus Revolution is doing better at the box office than many of the films the world is celebrating!...
03.18.23 11:32 AM - Comment(s)
John Nolte points out how well Jesus Revolution is doing at the box office when compared to films nominated for best picture at the Oscars Sunday night: “ Nolte: Jesus Revolution Grosses More than 4 Oscar Nominees…Combined.”

Lord, continue to draw people to yourself though this amazing film about ...
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Joyce opens with Communion, referring to Jesus Revolution. I give testimony centering on the Asbury Outpouring of Feb. 2023

Rachel Taylor presents a message from  2 Peter: 3: 15, with a focus on the first part of verse 15, as she continues the series "What Happens When a Created Peop...
02.26.23 12:00 PM - Comment(s)
The team at Jesus Revolution chose to open on the same weekend as the Collegiate Day of Prayer (on a date set 200 years ago), but neither group knew they'd be drafting on the Asbury Outpouring!

Intercessors for America posted four articles I wrote about the film: 

02.24.23 02:21 PM - Comment(s)
Joyce and I have just returned from the Asbury Outpouring. If you're not on our prayer team, you may not have heard, but Asbury University's February 8 service still hasn't ended! As I write it's been going for 277 continuous hours! Joyce and I were reporting on it, and you can see our articles and ...
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My intro to the new trailer and new poster for Jesus Revolution posted on " The Jesus Revolution Is Coming!" The article has a link to free tickets! 

I'm always so blessed by the comments people leave, so be ...
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Pray with America's Leaders released Part 3 of my interview with the Kendrick Brothers. It's preceded by a wonderful interview with Hollywood insider, best-selling author, and attorney James Hirsen, who talks about how challenging it was for the Kendrick Brothers to get their newest movie, Lifemark...
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