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Intercessors for America posted my interview with Todd Terry, who plays the main role in the hit series, Vindication: " How Villains in Film Can Direct Our Prayers." In this part of the interview he talks about his work in Running the Bases and Pursuit of Freedom.

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I was delighted to do this interview with Gemma Wenger at the International Christian Film and Music Festival. We talked about my work in the film 2nd Chances, which was recently released. 

Joshua Carpenter joins the interview and talks about how he recognized me, and I won't spoil the disco...
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Last month I did some interviews, ads and station identifiers for long-time friend, George Flores, on The Gate, international internet radio! We had people listening in from all over the US, Haifa, the Ukraine, Germany and more. I did station identifiers with greetings in several different language...
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Here are links to things I spoke about in my second interview with Harold Hendrick, which will air on KSIV-AM 1320 in the St. Louis area and online at on January 19 at 1:45pm Central:

Beyond the Chariots
Jamey Hudson Taylor, III
The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp
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My first interview with Harold Hendricks aired January 14, 2016, on AM 1320 in St. Louis, MO. It is now online, and you can listen by clicking here.

Here are links to things I spoke about:

Performance in St. Louis
Big Fish Little Worm
Grandpa's Memorandum
Beyond the Chariots
The Rocky Mountain Christi...
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I was recently interviewed for a Christian Worldview Film Festival podcast. You can click here to hear it. It's Episode 10.

Here are links to some of the things I mentioned in the interview:

• The interview was conducted by  Phillip Telfer and Rhett Simkins for the Christian Worldview F...
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With Lori Towns in Providence.
More behind-the-scenes photos.
Israel Eziedo of Nigeria interviewed some cast members of Providence for Gospel Movies: Juli Tapken, who plays my character's love interest, and Irene Santiago, who plays her mother.

Here's my interview...

GM: What was your role in th...
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Last week I was interviewed for radio and television on The Dove, and it just posted:


I talked about our work in Russia during the Winter Olympics, the MasterWorks Festival and  Alone Yet Not Alone, the film in theaters right now in which I play a land specu...
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