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This is one of five poems by George Herbert that I performed at The Kennedy Center in 2002.  It was hanging on the wall in the room where I stayed while in Chicago with the father of Melissa Lorraine, who performs the one-woman play,  Juliet: A Dialogue About Love.

Wheaton Co...
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Just before boarding my flight to Chicago on Friday I got a call saying that there was a chance that my Saturday night performance would be switched to Sunday night so we'd have more time to prep.  So I got on the phone with the airline and explained that the only reason I was flying to Chicag...
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Eventually the Facebook thread will submerge, so here's the backward chronology of the prayer requests and answers for tonight's performance...

Rich Swingle: I forgot to report another miracle: there was no slow
traffic...through Chicago...on a stormy rush hour.
about an hour ago via Em...
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My flight was canceled today when Chicago O'Hare Airport was shut down due to thunderstorms. The guy behind me in line was on his cell and discovered that the next available seats were on a flight tomorrow morning. You can follow the blow by blow account of miracle after miracle on
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