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On a stage as sparse as a traditional Quaker meeting house, Rich Swingle spun the story of the 18th-century Quaker John Woolman, in his marvelously crafted production of  A Clear Leading*.

Seventy-five years before the Emancipation Proclamation , John comes to view slavery as against the will...
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 This is a Google translation of a review in DER BERGEN-ENKHEIMER 13.09.2018,
Mosaikkriche präsentiert Rich Swingle's Theaterstück:

Still up to date: the subject of "slavery"
Mosaic Church presents Rich Swingle's play

Bergen-Enkheim (zbs) - The old slave Dolly had a dream in South Ca...
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"It was a very moving performance. Thank you! I can’t stop talking about the performance to my family and friends."
--Nina Berggren Monsen
Oslo, Norway
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Joyce taught on Jeremiah for the Church of the Nazarene in Oslo, Norway. It is a Portuguese community with people from Cape Verde, Brazil and Norway.

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This intriguing piece, derived from Woolman's diary, portrays Woolman from teenager to older man (he died at 52 of smallpox while visiting England on an anti-slavery tour).

Obviously very sincere in matters of religion, Swingle hasn't let matters of devotion get in the way of creating an entertaining...
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The outdoor performance was steps
away from what used to be
John Woolman's orchard.
I got to perform A Clear Leading, my one-man play about John Woolman at the John Woolman Memorial for their centennial celebration!

Woolman spoke against slavery a century before America's Civil War, and after the p...
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Rich Swingle is an amazing actor! I've had the pleasure of attending several of his workshops and experiencing his shows, The Revelation --this one blew my mind and brought me to my knees!) and A Clear Leading ( I Dreamed I Was Free) --a very accurate historical and spiritually inspi...
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Dear Rich,

My name is Jana. I am a student at Fox and had the privilege of seeing you perform in chapel and your A Clear Leading ( I Dreamed I Was Free) act. They were both amazing.

I just wanted to say thanks for how candid you were in the chapel session. Possibly my most favorite was when ...
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I enjoyed your play so much. You are truly blessed from God with an
incredible gift.
Robbin D Copenhaver
Meridian, ID

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"Thus far all feedback has been very praising and grateful for A Clear Leading (I Dreamed I Was Free). The general consensus is that you brought us back to our roots."
Tom Wolfe
Clerk, Religious Education
Adelphi Friends Meeting
03.13.06 06:27 PM - Comment(s)
was exciting and provocative.
-Peter Lewis
"Rich recollection of Quaker 'hooligan'"
Hexham Courant, England (June 2, 2000)
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You gave us a wonderful performance of A Clear Leading ( I Dreamed I Was Free) when you visited us at Pocklington School. The workshop you gave my Theatre Studies set the next morning was interesting and very useful, we speak about it often.
-Amy Greene, Student
Pocklington School, York, Eng...
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I found your performance compelling, disturbing, and engulfing.
—Amanda Skow
Salt Lake City Monthly Meeting of Friends
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I got to perform my play about Quaker abolitionist John Woolman at Youth Quake at Lake Junaluska, NC, early in 1998. I'm posting it in the year it happened with reflections 20 years later. It was at that performance that Dale Savidge decided he'd represent me, so it's cool to realize he's been repr...
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Rich Swingle's one-person play, A Clear Leading (later titledI Dreamed I Was Free), on the life of John Woolman, was inspirational; we saw the struggles, the mistakes, and the slow but deep clarity that formed Woolman's famous leading. 
--Claudia Wair
Friends Journal
April 1998
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