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"Rich is a highly skilled actor, with creative juices dripping all over the floor!"
--Julie Winslow
Hands of Hope, China
(Saw a performance in Hong Kong)
06.27.19 04:57 AM - Comment(s)

Here are shots from our pre-Beijing visit to Hong Kong.

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09.14.08 06:34 PM - Comment(s)

Here are shots from the second and third Hong Kong legs of the journey.
09.12.08 10:30 PM - Comment(s)
From Beijing '08

I'm now in Hong Kong, and Joyce and Ava are safely back in New York. We had an AMAZING time.

We had our tickets ripped up just before we stepped onto the plane. Before we totally freaked out they printed new boarding passes, which put us in first class! Hurrah! That came in serious...
08.25.08 12:41 PM - Comment(s)
When I was here in Hong Kong in 2002 we noticed large groups of Filipinos sitting on the ground in public squares. We found out that they are live-in help, so they have no place else to go on a Sunday, their one day off. Our hearts were moved to reach them somehow.

Yesterday I found out that my ...
08.10.08 01:38 PM - Comment(s)