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Tracy Trost, who directed me in A Christmas Snow, is going to be a part of this amazing outreach to Honduras on July 20, 2013. They'll have 18 prayer rallies in 18 large venues in 18 states simultaneously. But there will be months of outreach leading up to that day. I have friends from Honduras who ...
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The Honduran Director of Compassion, Orestes Zuniga, spoke to us this morning.

He compared us, as Compassion artists and speakers, to Miriam, who was the mediator between the princess who wanted to help baby Moses and the mother who raised him. In the end, the slave and child of poverty became the...
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We got to hang out with a lot of kids. A favorite thing of theirs to do was to take "un foto" with our cameras.
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This family invited us into their home. The three boys are all sponsored through Compassion:
Dwight, 13, is one of the top two students in Honduras.
Hugh, 11, is receiving a scholarship.
Bruce, 9, is ready to conquer the world.

My liaison with Compassion is chatting with some of the neighborhoo...
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Tonight the Honduran Compassion staff asked for a concert! It was quite awesome to have all these talented musicians get up and bless us all. Most of the songs were either written to help them talk about Compassion or could have been. I put together an iMixicon of all the songs that are on iTunes, so yo...

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While finishing up our lunch, Wes Stafford, President of Compassion, complimented the staff of this site on the tremendous work they are doing. They told us that 100% of the older kids have accepted Christ as their Savior.

Tonight we got to hear from Tony Campolo.

This is me with ...
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