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My intro to the new trailer and new poster for Jesus Revolution posted on " The Jesus Revolution Is Coming!" The article has a link to free tickets! 

I'm always so blessed by the comments people leave, so be ...
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 Today was the 80th anniversary of my grandfather coming back from the dead, so I got to lead this morning's devotions on the set of Janet Porter's sitcom  What's a Girl to Do? I told how I shared that story to our cast and crew on September 4, 2021, while we were praying for a three-year-...
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I had Dupuytren’s contracture in my hands. There were bumps all over both hands, but when Joyce prayed over them, about a year ago, they all went away but two. It was such an immediate miracle we sensed the Lord was saving the other two for later. 

Someone photographed
the moment! It was
just a...
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