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I was grieved to read of the death of Charles Walker. He saw a performance of Beyond the Chariots at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, after which he told us how he found Eric Liddell's grave in Weifang, China, which started the ball rolling on the establishment of a massive monument there in Liddell's...
11.25.09 08:28 PM - Comment(s)
One of the huge obstacles in bringing Beyond the Chariots to the Fringe was housing. The city of Edinburgh swells to up to six times its normal population as the Fringe, International Festival, Book Festival and Film Festival all take place simultaneously. Our friend Chuck put us in touch with Brian...
08.27.07 06:14 AM - Comment(s)
I was shocked to see the Andersons at yesterday's show. Jim was a conductor at the Salvation Army's Territorial Music Institute in Oklahoma, where I taught drama last month. I knew he and his wife had grown up in Edinburgh, but they told me they wouldn't be here during the Fringe. Their plans chan...
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During the school year, this is the dining room for the student union building for Edinburgh University. Since Eric Liddell lived less than 100m away while he was a student here, chances are quite good that he ate some meals here. For the Fringe they've adapted it into one of the best theatres we'...
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I have just returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, having seen Beyond the Chariots. I thought it was BRILLIANT and marvelously performed. I would like to know if there are any plans to perform it in London?
—Susan Beck

I'm happy to set that up:
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