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A blessed Resurrection Day to all!!!

The same One who delivered the people of Israel out of bondage delivers all who receive the blood He shed on the cross as the perfect Lamb of God on the lintels of their heart!

On Good Friday Joyce and I focused on the words of the Passion, so last night we ...
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I got to open this morning's service at Westchester Chapel with a dramatic reading of Matthew 27:45-54Dr. Linda Warren brings the Resurrection Day teaching from Matthew 27:45-54 and 28:1-10.

Pastor Jim Warren in his
Easter best... a few years
Have a blessed Resurrection Day, everyone!

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I was so blessed to take part in this Resurrection Day celebration by
Anita Cordell, who's performed in four film projects with me.

It won Best Christian Message at the Content2020 Film Festival and Media Summit

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I hope you're able to attend an online Resurrection Day service, if not, send me a message in the form below and I'll send you an invite to our virtual service. In the meantime I invite you to supplement it with this service at Bethany Baptist Church, where I performed for their Resurrection Day se...
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