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I've been on a few episodes of Jonathan Park Adventures, but this time I was so blessed to be playing a major character! He is from a nation where my ancestors spent several generations, so that was cool! He is able to witness to an enemy, and a profound miracle happens to him. 

On Monday ni...
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I played two roles in Jonathan ParkSeries 18, The One True God:

Jacob Ben Dod on Disk 2, Track 2, starting at 5:15
Bapary Babu on Disk 4, Track 2, starting at 12:00

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat ...
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Also, this year our church will be performing it as a readers theatre piece on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m.: 

Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene
at The Sonesta Hotel
 66 Hale Ave
White Plains, NY 10601
(A $9 cab ride from the White Plains Metro North Station)

Here's how I first got...
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In the New Year I've opened up my daily Bible reading through the  One Year Bible reading program, and  you're welcome to read along!

I'm planning to post notes and answer questions as I have time. I'd love to have you join us on the journey.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland: 
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McKenzie (left) and Rachel on the
set of "Milk and Oranges."
McKenzie Harris and  Rachel Marley were my students together at the  Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp (RMCFC) in 2016, where we produced the short film " Milk and Oranges."

This January...
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I've been praying for years that I could teach there, and recently that prayer was answered, and it was much more fulfilling than I'd imagined! Isn't that always the way with the Lord?

I guided almost forty students as they created four separate sketches through sociodrama.

After our final rehea...
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Crystal Van Artsdalen, Rebekah Stought,
Rachel Marley and Morgan Fairbanks
have been my students at MasterWorks
 and The Rocky Mountain Christian
Filmmakers Camp
I played several roles and served as Afghan accent coach in the audio dramas Escape from the Eagle's Nest and The Giant Killer fo...
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Our church, ( be celebrating Holy Week at The Crowne Plaza in White Plains, NY:
Maundy Thursday, April 21, 7pm
Good Friday, April 22, 7pm
Easter, April 24, 11am
Live in the full memorial and celebration of what Christ did for us this Holy Season.

The Good Friday...
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During last night's performance I was joined by Coertze Peters, a mime from South Africa that did a piece on Haiti that had everyone in tears. Also, on one of his only days in Florida between an extensive trip to Asia and moving to TN to play Jesus in a long-running musical was David M Sanborn and ...
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We got to hang out with the miraculous Sanborns today.

Art, who was paralized from the neck down, was telling us how (before he worked his way up to 150 push-ups and 6 mile runs) he couldn't even communicate with anyone but God after his swimming accident. Now he's grateful for those extended period...
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We saw our friend, David Sanborn's one-man musical, King David, Off-Broadway at The Promise Theatre.

The New York Times was right! It's a "first-rate" production. He does impersonations of one Hollywood superstar after the next. As fun as the impersonations were, there were moments where h...
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This morning I got to share about my friend David Sanborn's Off-Broadway run of his one-man play King David at our church.

Visit to see the trailer, read reviews (including the New York Times and the newest from Broadway After Dark) and find more information.

For a discount t...
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My friend David Sanborn got a great review in today's New York Times!
Theater Review - 'King David' - At the Promise Theater, a One-Man Biblical Musical

They even mentioned Judah Ben Hur coming to Broadway in 2010!
04.28.09 06:44 PM - Comment(s)

"A heart warming musical celebration of faith for the entire family!"
Host: Eastern Gate Entertainment, Inc.
Thursday, April 9 through June 27

If you're on FaceBook, click here for a discount. Otherwise, go straight to their website: ...
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I just received the following note from the producers of Judah Ben Hur.  I played about five minor roles in the Singapore production, including Pontius Pilate and Simonides.

Now they're hoping to bring it to Broadway.

It has such a phenomenal message!

Please help us increase our hit rate ...
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My friend David Sanborn, who produced, directed and starred in Judah Ben Hur, the musical in which I performed in Singapore in 2001-2002. He paid to change his ticket so as to leave a few days later for Asia (turns out we were there, in different countries, during the same time period) so he could h...
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