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Joyce and I had a blast at Carnegie Hall hearing Dr. John Lennox say some really intelligent things about Christmas... oh, yes, and his niece and her husband, The Gettys, performed there, too. The whole evening was just really wonderful! They sang their own songs and their arrangements of classics...
12.21.19 12:35 AM - Comment(s)
Some of you will see this in your inbox, but this happened in 2011: Joyce and I attended a Christmas concert at Carnegie Hall, and the choir was led by our friend Arlene Nembhard. She had invited me to perform with her choir, but that season was just too full. Nonetheless it was thrilling to sing f...
12.23.11 02:41 AM - Comment(s)
My friend Liz called to see if we could use some complimentary tickets to a concert of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. Joyce couldn't make it, but my friend Fritz was in from Portland to shoot a wedding, for which he used me as his "second shooter." That was great fun!

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