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Confessions of a Prodigal Son, in which I play a homeless man in LA, was written and produced by Nathan Clarkson, one of my former students. He also plays the lead role! 

Kevin Sorbo (Hurcules, God's Not Dead) plays a pastor, and another former student, Nathan's brother Joel Clar...
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I found several blog posts that I'd started on my Treo and never sent, so all the posts today are from various times and places.

This statue is near Mt. Shasta in northern California. I took it on the way to perform at the church that was pastored by Mike Yakonelli before his untimely death. His ...
05.27.08 04:49 PM - Comment(s)
I just performed Jonah at Alex Walker's church in Upland, CA. Alex, pictured here with his wife, Jacquie, and their son, Sam, was in my Jr. High cabin when I was a counselor at Twin Rocks Friends Camp while I was in college. Tonight I'll perform Beyond the Chariots:

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I met with Roger Nelson while I was in Long Beach, CA, to firm up plans for our Off-Broadway run at Theatre 315 in April. We now have a rough draft of our website up and running: It now shows which play will be performed on which days. Watch this blog to find out when tick...
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