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Washington's Armor

02.26.21 04:55 PM Comment(s) By Rich

I got to I got to perform in the upcoming series of three films Washington's Armor and I was also their dialect coach. 

The films show the many ways young George Washington's life was preserved, and how he had a sense that the Lord was protecting him for something important. 

The Journey is available on Vimeo 

Washington’s Armor: The Journey will begin streaming on Epoch TV on demand, starting at 11 p.m. Central on February 21. You can watch a  behind-the-scenes documentary there now for free.

I played a cook who sings to his pigs and helped all 32 speaking actors work on nine accents: Received pronunciation, Scouse (Liverpool), French, French Canadian, Dutch, Delaware Native (Lanape), and three variations of Early American accents. 

The most challenging was the Delaware Native accent, because people who spoke it exclusively before learning English have not been alive for two or three generations. I found a talking dictionary and chart of letters that helped.

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Here's a great interview with our producer/director, Tammy Lane:

Here's a behind the scenes video put together by my friend Dean Mountford:

I Dreamed I Was Free tells the story of Quaker abolitionist John Woolman, who spoke against slavery a century before our Civil War, around the same time of the Young George Washington's adventures.

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