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Tackling Trafficking

07.12.23 01:22 AM Comment(s) By Rich

Sound of Freedom and Ending Evil

We recently covered our articles and others with themes on human trafficking on Intercessors For America's Headline Prayer Live...

Ending the Evil of Trafficking

by Joyce Swingle

Lord, we renounce, repent for, and declare the ending of the sin of human trafficking and the effects of that sin. In Jesus’ Name.
When three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007, I mourned. I had been interceding for stolen children for some time. The Lord often would share their faces with me or whisper a place name and the dreadful word — “kidnapping.” My stomach seized and my heart raced in these moments.

New Film Is a Surprise Blockbuster

by Rich Swingle

Lord, use powerful films like Sound of Freedom to turn hearts to prayer and action, that those created in your image may be set free from trafficking.
The film Sound of Freedom hopes to catalyze the ending of illegal slavery in our day. It’s off to a great start! The film brought in $2.5M more than the #2 film at the box office on the Fourth of July. The second place film happened to be Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in 2,000 more theaters and with a Walt Disney Studios budget that dwarfed that of Sound of Freedom. Interestingly, when Disney bought 21st Century Fox, they shelved Sound of Freedom, which was going to be distributed by Fox.

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That night our IFA State Prayer Group prayed for the end of trafficking. It was a powerful day of intercession, and we sense we took ground back from the enemy of our souls! 

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