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From Loneliness to Unity There Must Be Love

05.09.23 02:12 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Love one another with brotherly affection

Between the posting of Joyce’s article “The Weaponization of Loneliness” and my article “Praying for Unity” on I woke at 12:10 Mountain Time and heard “Romans”: “Love one another with brotherly affection.”

Here’s Joyce’s article:

“The Weaponization of Loneliness”

Lord, bring an end to the weaponizing of loneliness in America. Cancel out every demonic assignment, and prohibit the human puppets of evil from isolating and silencing Your people.

“Hitler took the storefronts.” I heard the Lord whisper this to me one day in 2016, as I was going about my tasks. After praying to test this revelation, I felt that the Lord was telling me something important about how that Austrian politician had cowed an entire nation into doing his demonic will, ultimately launching World War II and the Holocaust.

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And here’s mine:

“Praying for Unity”

Lord, thank You for the upcoming Unity Prayer Breakfast in New York City. May Pastor Joseph bring the power of Prayer Explosions to the intercessors! And may Leigh Valentine’s vision for NYC reverberate around the world!

Would you like to experience unity in your community? A prayer explosion? These intercessors are bringing these to New York, and their vision will inspire you.

Pastor Gwen Joseph is a poet and author who facilitates monthly “Prayer Explosions” throughout America, and Leigh Valentine is an inspirational and motivational speaker who has appeared on The 700 Club, Paula White Today, and Trinity Broadcasting Network, among other forums. She is founder of Stand For Israel.

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Here are the interviews:

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