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10.22.18 02:53 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Our friend George Flores interviewed our friend Tony Loeffler on THE GATE this morning.

Earlier I posted the rebroadcast times of the interview, but the times were all pushed back one week because Phil Keaggy has a concert in NYC on November 4:

I got to meet Phil in Honduras on a Compassion artists retreat ( I was seriously impressed by his talent and humility.

So here are the interview time slots:

Sunday 8:40AM
Monday 9:40PM
Tuesday 1:40PM
Wednesday 8:40AM
Thursday 9:40PM
Saturday 7:40AM

Those will be Phil's interviews starting 10/28 and Tony starting 11/4. All times in the Eastern Time Zone.


We were planning to perform in a church in Cuba, and the pastor told us there would be a musician there that morning who knew who we were, but the pastor couldn’t remember the musician’s name. It was Tony! We’ve known him since the mid-90’s. 

After a three-hour service the people were dismissed, but they just kept dancing and singing and praising the Lord. Tony leaned over to me and said, “This is happening all over Cuba.”  

Here's an interview I did with Tony that day, December 11, 2016. Click the arrow below, or if you're receiving this in an email visit (10/22).

Find out more about Tony's incredible worldwide ministry at

Here's more about our trip to Cuba:

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