Facing Undeserved Curses

07.13.23 02:50 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Let Us Worship Drowns Out a Heckler on Times Square

Intercessors for America posted Joyce's article and my video footage this morning on www.HeadlinePrayer.org: 

Lord, protect Your servants from curses: An undeserved curse has no effect (Prov. 26:2 TLB).

“I’m satan, and I’m going to kill you!”

The ill-kept man hurled this curse at Sean Feucht as the worship leader called upon the crowd in Times Square to dream and pray New York would become a state honoring and supporting life. Feucht — no stranger to hecklers — responded with firm graciousness, calling upon the crowd to drown out the call for death with prayers for life.

I helped create this short film focused on healing for a woman who realizes she's killed her child.

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