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Cuba Report Report

01.07.17 06:23 PM Comment(s) By Rich

At our apartment complex for performing artists we get to use a room for performances, and I asked if I could perform  Views of the Manger, the one-man play I performed in Cuba a couple of weeks ago, followed by rough cuts of some short films we shot while we were there. They said we couldn't do it during December, but there were plenty of dates in January. I figured no one would want to see a Christmas play in January, but then we realized it was a perfect fit for Epiphany, the celebration of the Wise Men visiting the Lord, especially since the narrator of the play is one of those Magi.

We couldn't have been more pleased with how things went on Epiphany Eve (the closest we could get to Epiphany itself). We had a good turn-out, a great response, wonderful follow-up conversations, and the huge bonus of having someone in the audience we'd crossed paths with in Cuba! He joined us for our Q and A at the end, and he gave more details about one of the stories I told in one of the short films, and he was able to share much more about Cuba, having visited many more times than us.

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Photos: Nancy Kronemann Buchanan
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