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Brave Lawyer Warns NY Over COVID Detention Centers

06.10.23 08:07 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Interviews with Attorney Tricia Lindsay

This morning my interviews with Attorney Lindsay posted on

Lord, thank You for Tricia Lindsay as she sues New York for tyrannical policies and plans. Set the people free!

Attorney Tricia Lindsay has sued New York state on several fronts, and she warns citizens to be on the alert for how the government is threatening our freedoms. She is especially concerned about the quarantine camps Gov. Kathleen Hochul is planning because — if not stopped — the governor would have the right to imprison people without due process. “But I know my God,” Lindsay is quick to add!
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Here are my interviews with Lindsay:

The Unity Prayer Breakfast was livestreamed on YouTube, but they took it down during Lindsay’s talk. I happened to record her talk and a beautiful prayer over the young people:

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