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A Blessed Declaration Day!

07.04.23 03:10 PM Comment(s) By Rich

And our rededication of America at the Cape Henry Memorial Cross

Sunday was originally our Independence Day, and today was originally Declaration Day, when the Declaration of Independence was finalized from what was declared two days earlier. Find out more about that and hear an AMAZING tribute to our founders by David Barton by clicking here

This morning Intercessors for America posted our rededication of America at Cape Henry at the foot of the Memorial Cross there: 

Rededicating America

Lord, as our forebears did, we rededicate America to You and to the propagation of the Gospel here and around the world.

We were on site to rededicate America to the Lord at the Cape Henry Memorial Cross — something we’d planned for some time — and happened to do it on the same day that Dutch Sheets, who will be speaking at IFA’s 50th anniversary celebration, and Greg Hood were there to do the same thing. The reason for their trip was to attend the memorial service for the founder of the 700 Club, Pat Robertson, who happens to be a descendent of Robert Hunt, who first dedicated America to the Lord at Cape Henry.

Please join IFA contributing writer Joyce Swingle and I in rededicating our nation to the Lord:

Click here for the whole IFA article.

And here's IFA's Fourth of July blessing...

One more! Here's what we experienced yesterday evening:

Click here to see me praying over a woman

Dr. Linda Warren of Westchester Chapel wrote this prayer for America:

I had asked the Lord what message He wanted me to speak on Sunday, July 2.  He answered me: “God Bless America.”  At the close of the message from Ps. 67, we prayed together for God to bless America. 

Eva had asked me to send her this prayer so the prayer calendar might pray it on July 4th.  As I was getting ready to send Eva the prayer, I started singing: “God Bless America.” Unexpectedly, I began to cry. The Holy Spirit was moving through me, expressing His love and sorrow for America. 

I tell you this, so you will know how meaningful your prayer will be for the good of America. So let us join our hearts to God’s heart through the Holy Spirit and pray for this land to be blessed.
Lord, we come before you and humble ourselves.  We ask you to forgive us our sins and the sins of our country. 

You spoke to me once saying, how your Name was dishonored in the media and in what we call “entertainment.” Forgive us.

Forgive us for death to the helpless. Forgive us for abortion, Lord.

Forgive us for slavery, bigotry, and racism.

Forgive us Lord God for not honoring your foundations. You made humanity in Your image. You said: “Let us make man in Our image. . . in the image of God, He created man, male and female, you created them." Forgive us for desecrating Your image. 

We could go on and on speaking of sins in our lives and sins that we see. We ask that the blood of Christ would avail over this nation, over us. Let Your forgiveness flow, Lord.  May the blood of Christ cover, and the blood of Christ is a blessing. We turn now and ask: God bless America.

God bless America.  God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her with the Light from above.  Lord, we your people agree with You to bless America. Bless America, Bless White Plains, Bless New York State - - In Jesus’ Powerful Name we pray - God bless America!
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