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A Season of Prayer

11.25.20 12:22 PM Comment(s) By Rich

There's no doubt America needs prayer these days! Joyce and I are praying along with three groups on a national level:

* Jim Garlow (
* Jim’s prayers are hosted on Adam Schindler’s Facebook page
* Intercessors for America (

We lead prayers for IFA the second and fifth Tuesdays every month at 12:15 p.m. Eastern on a program called Headline Prayer Live. We hope you'll sign up for more details and reminders at
Every Tuesday morning IFA sends out links to six articles on their Headline Prayer page. We'll forward that email to the list letting you know which articles Joyce and I will be covering. We'll always include a reminder of the call-in number: (667) 771-7910, then enter 2452#. It will also be live-streamed on and available later on IFA's Facebook and

By the way, signing up for the email does not commit you to praying with us every Tuesday! We'd be delighted if you said a prayer for us as you deleted the email! 

I'm also praying over all the Broadway theatres, and you can join me:

In the wee hours of December 2, Joyce and I took part in an amazing prayer initiative! It was inspired by this dream Stephen Stringer had: 

“On the morning of November 28, in a dream I saw Independence Hall and the large clock tower! An Angel came and stood on top of the clock tower and shouted, ‘When the clock strikes 3:00 AM, Valkyrie will fall and will not sing, if the sons of the Kingdom will pray!’ I then saw fervent prayer taking place in the night and through the night, and it caused the witchcraft and curse to bounce back to the sender!

“There was then another group of warriors awakened, clothed in battle array, who was surrounded and led by a host of angels! One of the angels declared repeatedly, ‘The Commander’s judgments are supreme!!!’ It energized the warriors and they joined in with the declaration!

“I then saw the Scales of Justice tip and became perfectly balanced!!!” 

People prayed from every state at their appointed time, starting at 12:30 Eastern. Joyce and I prayed in NYC for New York at 1am and then drove to Independence Hall in time for the 3am finale. When the bell tolled 3am a woman took this photo... 

The clouds materialized just before the bell tolled and drifted away just after. 

Someone else saw a shooting star as the bell tolled. 

Prayer warriors who were praying through the nations on the Intercessors for America prayer line reported that they also experienced that something powerful happened at 3am.

Here’s the footage of the finale:

 I play a pastor in Providence, which which is available for streaming.
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