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Painting Our Borders

08.21.23 03:08 PM Comment(s) By Rich

Only 25 Counties Left!

After Intercessors for America ran my piece about praying over our borders, “Circumnavigating Manhattan with Prayer," I reached out to Pam in Georgia, who I quoted in the article. She's been tracking the prayer in all fifty states. After the article posted I reached out to her to let her know I’d love to know a general percentage of how close we are to finishing the assignment, and she immediately sent back something much more specific: 
Here’s how she wrote up the border counties that have yet to be prayed over: 

Technically, only Alaska (9 counties), Hawaii (5- 4 islands and 1 county), and Dukes Island in Massachusetts are all that remain uncovered. The national borders for the contiguous states are covered and 6 individual states remain:

1) Oregon- Sherman, Gilliam, Walkway, Baker counties
2) Nebraska- Thrusting, Burt, Washington counties
3) Utah- Tooele County
4) Washington- Wahkiakum County
5) Idaho- Lemur, Franklin counties

Branch County, MI, is marked undone on the map , but nine minutes after sending it she reported: "

She said, “There are some interior counties that need to be painted, but that was not the mandate.”

She’s updating this list as people post reports to their states on Please encourage any intercessors you might know in or near those counties to help finish the task, and then sign up for your state and post if you were able to pray at any of these borders. 

Also, I’ll be writing a follow-up story for this coming Saturday, so if you or someone you know has a story about helping complete this assignment, please write it up and send it my way. I’ll consider including it. The article will post to

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